We can help customers in all phases of the building process:

  • Obtaining Pre-approval for financing
  • Securing the construction loan
  • Acquiring the right set of plans
  • Purchasing the builder's risk insurance
  • Surveys and flood elevation details
  • Building the home
  • Landscaping




The customer arriving with a set of plans, knowing what he/she wants in a new home is welcome. Another customer may still be searching for just the right ideas. For the latter, a set of plans can be chosen from one of our many home designs or a custom set of plans can be drawn just for you. Please visit Madden Home Designs. Either way, Tim Kinchen Fine Homes is ready to serve and satisfy the customer.



Advanced Home Energy Solutions


AHES' purpose is to help customers live in healthier and more efficient homes. With over 20 years of building science background, AHES can help you drastically reduce your energy bills while giving you a healthier indoor air quality.

  • Live in a healthier, quieter, energy efficient home. Increase the life expectancy of your heating and cooling system. Louisiana's climate is tropical and keeping humidity out is a vital step to achieving maximum energy savings and maintaining the overall comfort of your home
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McManus Electronics provides design and installation of monitored alarm systems, surround sound, camera surveillance, wide screen TVs, Wifi, and high speed internet. For more information, call (225) 413-3777.